On most of our beaches dog are very welcome.
For some areas on the beach there are however some rules during the summer.

Dog are not allowed on the beaches (for both boulevards) between June 1st and August 31st

Dogs are not allowed on our beaches for obvious health regulations.
This is also the case for our entire pavilion during the summer.

These strict regulations unfortunately have been set by the municipality of Noordwijk.

Law Enforcers are actively checking our beaches for violations and you will be fined and issued a ticket if you are walking your dog in these areas.

Dogs are welcome on our beaches and in our pavilion from September 1st .

Verboden voor honden van juni tot september

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach
and in our pavilion from June 1st by order of the municipality Noordwijk.

Our furry friends are welcome back on September 1st.