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Use for navigation devices, Koningin Astridboulevard 51


Take exit 6 (Voorhout, Noordwijk, Oestgeest-Noord) on the A44. At the end of the exit turn left and follow the directions to Noordwijk. When you enter Noordwijk, the first roundabout and cross straight on. Follow the Quarles van Uffordstreet, at the end of this street you turn left. This road will turn into Parallel Boulevard and later on the Grent. On the Grent you take the first right on to the Koningin Astrid Boulevard. As soon as you are on the boulevard keep on going southwards. After 500 meters you will see Hotel Sonnevanck, just before this hotel turn right, on to the parking space. Here you will see the yellow sign with exit 1 & 2. on the parking place, it is the first beach exit on your right.

You can use the parking lot next to our entrance with approximately 350 parking places. And another 180 places at 150 meter. It is paid parking until 21:00. € 1, – per hour for the first 2 hours, then € 3.-hourly. Or € 10,- for a day ticket. You can pay with coins, bankcard or with pay code 22322.


A4 in the direction of The Hague. Take exit A44 (The Hague Center, Leiden, Sassenheim). Take the second exit Noordwijk, exit 6 (Voorhout, Noordwijk, Oestgeest-Noord). At the exit turn right direction Noordwijk. Follow the rest of the above route description.